The Equality Walk 2021

Participated in the 2021 equality walk which focussed on breaking the silence on inequalities.

The Bush Protest 

Participated in a protest that spoke against injustices on democracy and human rights. The event took place on June 22nd 2020.

Special Olympics Zambia Ambassador 

Receiving a gold medalist Joshua who participated in the special olympics world games held in Abu Dhabi from 11th-22nd March 2019.

Tobacco Control Ambassador 

Tobacco control advocate a project with Center for Trade Policy Development aimed at raising awareness on the effects of tobacco and its products , to focus on its tax policy effects as benefits to the nation as well as fight to get laws that will restrict public use of Tobacco and its products for a Healthy livelihood.

Ukani Manje Group

Medical Association of Zambia awards Ukani Manje  for the advocacy work towards combating HIV/AIDS

Medical Association Award Winner

Live Music Performance 

Music performance at the People`s President Competition organised by the Centre for Trade Policy and Development 

The Mental Health Walk 2021

Delivered key note speech during the Mental Health Walk 2021

Rich County, Poor People 

Worked on a music project with the Fighting Inequalities (FIA) focussing on expossing the inbalalances between the rich and the poor.

It`s Not Fair 

Collaborated with other music artists on a music project focussing demand for accountability and social justice.

Voice of Vespers 

Voice of Vespers, a movement against police brutality created after the University of Zambia suffered the loss of a 4th year student, Vespers Shimuzhila who suffocated to death after the Zambia Police allegedly fired tear gas canisters  while she was hiding in her room when fellow students were protesting against the delay in the release of student meal allowances.